Buka Puasa & A Kid

On Thursday a close family friend invited us for buka puasa (break fast). We had a good time talking and enjoying the lovely food. As we were about to return home my better half mentioned Jaya Jusco and the family only little boy aged 2+ heard it and wanted to follow us.

I was worried because I have no experience with kids whatsoever. But we took him anyway with the permission of the parents. The kid name was Imran, and he’s such a nice little boy. At first we thought that he’s like every other kid and cry when the car started moving without his parents.

But he was indeed very serious. So since we made a promise (and it’s no good to break a promise to a kid) we brought him there. In the car he talked so much that he took my worries away. Once arrived he was so happy and as he promised he behaved like a very good boy! Amazing.

And I was happy he enjoyed every ride and machine he tried on (although we only let him play the safe ones). Not to make his parents worry so much, after about 1 hour we decided to bring him back and he didn’t resist much. Back at home he was so happy and jumped here and there it made me feel happy as well.

I actually enjoyed that 1 hour outing. After 4 years of marriage maybe it’s time for a kid? 😉


2 thoughts on “Buka Puasa & A Kid”

  1. I’m stiff and awkward with children in general, and although I’ve already become a parent, I’m still scared to hold newborns. With other people’s kids, I prefer to be polite and say hello, and move on. Fake interest doesn’t benefit anyone and is tiring, anyway.

    Having said that, interesting conversations can sometimes be had with them on topics such as computer games or cars. (Or in your case, they go on talking by themselves without any prompting). They don’t have any preconceived notions so they’re able to come up with things that never occur to us.

    Like you, I chose not to have any offspring for a few years. But I don’t think anybody ever regrets having children (under normal circumstances). They give added meaning to life and make us focus on what’s important. For me the best thing about having children is their sincere and unconditional acceptance of us (until they become old enough to know better, ha ha). We can just be ourselves; all they want is some time and attention, and to mess around with our mobile phones so hide that PDA …

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