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From conversations I had with my colleagues at work, and from other friends I heard that Google is going to have presence in Malaysia, specifically at @enstek in Sepang. It’s a new flagship area opening its wings to tech companies from all over the globe.

Is this really true? In some stories I even heard that construction work has started at the site. I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me to the right direction. Googling doesn’t help as the keywords are too common.

From my point of view, Google presence is definitely welcomed in Malaysia. There will be new job opportunities and I know for sure people will jump with joy and try their best to penetrate the company. As for me, I don’t think I am well qualified yet to work with a gigantic company like Google. But who knows… I don’t have a crystal ball to show my future.

What about you? Will you try your luck if Google starts recruiting in Malaysia?


4 thoughts on “Google @enstek”

  1. well to be honest, Software developer and QA can stop dreaming.
    it suppose to be data center. so lots of opportunity for DBAs, sys Admin n Network Engineer. Very few to none programmer n QA needed IMHO. Not sure bout you though.

    Unless there’s a plan to expand… development center.

  2. So you also don’t have any official or unofficial pointers to the news eh?

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I love data center work but so far I heard that you need to be very specific in your area of expertise. They may not be interested in an all-rounder like me. But then again IMHO QA and Dev shouldn’t stop dreaming just yet… who knows.

  3. Ehem… do I hear a complaint?

    You know what, maybe they will have vacancies for their internal cafe. You can try your luck there.

    Perhaps it’s time to attend cooking lessons?

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