Be Careful In Cyberjaya

For those working/studying or doing whatever in Cyberjaya, please be careful if you make the illegal U-turn after exiting The Street Mall. If you can, do a U-turn somewhere else where it’s safe.

Yesterday night after dinner at Street Mall, I heard a loud bang. It turns out a Satria from the MMU stretch ran directly into a Waja making a U-turn. That Waja has just minutes before passed by me as I get to my car at The Street Mall.

To people driving from MMU side, come on la… slowly and be alert of cars making the U-turn. I know it’s illegal, but what’s the use of defending that you’re right when your car is all messed up. The Satria was indeed very fast as I heard the tires screech for a long time before the bang!

Nobody died, I think. The Waja ended up on the roadside and the Satria totally lost the front engine part – just imagine how hard the collision was!