A Book or a Sony® Reader?

For those who likes to read like myself (if only I could find the time), there’s now an option for keeping multiple books in one digital device. According to Sony®, the device can store hundreds of book titles. Now I’ll say that will be great if you need to move; instead of carrying those heavy boxes and bookshelves now you only have to bring along the nifty device which is more or less the size of a normal paperback.

Traditionally, I’d prefer the old way but from the pics posted at their site the e Ink® technology is really something:


I’ve never seen the actual device anywhere, but from the image above you can see what I am talking about. The quality is really impressive. The cost? Well… for $349 you can buy about 50 normal sized paperbacks. It’s not really that expensive. So people, which do you prefer?


To read more about this product, go to: http://www.learningcenter.sony.us/…

No, I am not paid by Sony®. I don’t even think that this product is available in my country yet.