Work Life Balance

I have recently discovered that I am having difficulties to separate work and life. I am always worried about work which is good for my employer, but very bad for my household.

Since I also have sleeping problems, having to work in a shift environment doesn’t make it any easier for me. That’s what has happened to me lately, and that is why there is as much as 20 days gap between posts in this blog. My biggest weakness in blogging is that I need a relaxed mind to write.

I need some good example from other fellow bloggers who have a dayjob, and can still manage to separate work, life, and blogging 🙂



2 thoughts on “Work Life Balance”

  1. I’m assuming that you’re blogging just for the pleasure of it. And due to the nature of your job, you’re in the right frame of mind to blog only once in a while. I don’t see any problems actually … so what if it’s 20 days between posts. It’s your blog and there’s no law that says you’ve got to update your blog daily. Personally I’d rather you write interesting stuff once or twice a month rather than spout drivel every day (not that you ever do).

    But if my assumption is incorrect, and you feel you have to blog more frequently due to certain reasons, then you just have to find ways to do it. One technique is to make it a habit to have some pen and paper (or a PDA, if you prefer) with you at all times. Whenever an idea comes to mind just jot it down. When you find you have some idle time – be it 5 minutes, or even 2 minutes – try to string together a coherent sentence from your ideas. Basically, what I’m saying is that you can try to write your posts in fragments rather than wait for one block of time to appear.

    Another way to increase your posting frequency is to write short posts – just the outline of an idea, without getting into details – like how Seth Godin sometimes does. Two or three sentences should be enough. Then when you have the time you can write really long ones.

  2. Right on, mon ami. I agree with you about the lack of law in posting frequency. However, having a blog also means that you want it to be read, and building a firm readership is not easy if your potential readers are not provided with interesting posts when they visit.

    Quality of posts is in question here, and not at all the frequency of posts. Being able to write posts of high quality is critical if you want your blog to be successful. Writing just anything doesn’t make any sense, and to come out with good posts requires expensive research time, and an alert mind… 🙂

    By the way good job on your blog, I’ve been a regular reader for quite some time and I see you have the kicks to be a good blogger. Keep it up!

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