Time and Space Continuum

I watched a few episodes of Heroes last night until episode 10. I was thinking that when Hiro went back to the past to save Charlie (after she has been murdered by Sylar), didn’t he risk causing a rift in the time and space continuum?

Just think of it this way, when Hiro and Ando first arrived at the diner in Odessa that was the first time Charlie ever met them. And Charlie mentioned that someone got her a Learning Japanese book as a gift. Why didn’t she recognize Hiro at that time, the person who gave her the book? Shouldn’t she at least be happy to see Hiro again?

Well, it’s just for entertainment anyway but time travel has always interest me and I always think of the continuum when watching something related to time travel 😉

I am a freak.


2 thoughts on “Time and Space Continuum”

  1. “Why didn’t she recognize Hiro at that time, the person who gave her the book?”

    Because Hiro hasn’t decide yet to go back in time. Charlie didn’t say it was Hiro, or a Japanese who gave her the book 😉

    Btw, Doctor Who is all about time traveling. A sonic screw driver. Broken time machine. Metal dustbin with a plunger. And a massive time rift in Cardiff.

    Try the 1st episode from 2005 series, it’s a nice introduction to those who aren’t familiar with it.

    Doctor Who BBC site, http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/

    Some reading, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who

  2. No that’s not an accurate reason. It’s time travel after all, and there is actually no present or past tense.

    🙂 Think of it as a time line. There’s no such thing as Hiro has not decided to go back in time. Think of it like Back To The Future where if Marty’s parents did not meet, Marty ceases to exist. What happened in the past will effect the future.

    What I can think of this that what they show was time line 1 where Hiro did not go back to try and save Charlie.

    On time line 2, we might see that Charlie already knew Hiro when he arrived at the diner.

    So when something is changed in the past by someone in the future, there will always be an alternate reality / time line.

    Is this theory logical?

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