Thanks, Daddy

Well, this post is not about my dad but about GoDaddy. Tonight, after my continuous disappointment with RegisterFly I decided to buy some domains from GoDaddy. I am still very impressed with their system. Top level automation. For my story I will need the following image to assist me.


As their promotion mentioned: Private Registration just $4.99 or FREE when you register three or more domains!

Even though I didn’t really need private whois information, it was quite a good offer especially with .com domains priced at USD6.95. So I went and add 3 domains to my cart, clicking the “private” button. That went well – all of the private registrations (rows 4-6) were inserted with cost of 0. At this moment all three domains were at their full prices, so my total cart amount was USD23.64.

Next I simply added a .info domain which costs me USD1.99. Nothing special about it, just the low price but I still get the free private registration. My cart now holds USD25.88.

Next, I needed a simple hosting preferably with unlimited domains so I signed up for a year of budget Linux hosting. That costs USD43.05 (3.59 x 12). The most exciting part here is that the first domain I registered (row 1) became USD1.99 as they promised with the hosting package: Your Domain is Just $1.99 With This Purchase. My total then was USD63.97.

Going further, I was ready to checkout and pay with my PayPal but I remembered a discount code provided by BLAUGH. So I entered it and further obtained 10% discount (even though 10% should be USD6.397 I was given USD5.20 – must be some other calculations). It brought my total to USD58.77.

If I consider my hosting to be paid in full (USD43.05) I only paid 58.77 – 43.05 = 15.72 for my two .com, a .net and a .info domain 😉

I was (am) happy. I would really recommend this service to everyone. And immediately after paying, I can already check my whois, and manage my brand new domains.

By the way, RegisterFly responded to my ticket about domains not registered (see related link), and they say it was a problem with traffic load being too high. That’s a bad excuse.


7 thoughts on “Thanks, Daddy”

  1. Hi Ady, I came to your blog through Google’s search.

    I would like to buy my own domain name and someone recommended GoDaddy. I just want to buy a domain name and nothing else. Which plan or offer should I take up on?


  2. @Josette: Welcome to my blog. When you visit GoDaddy the first thing you should do is signup, then look for the Hot Deals button on the top right corner of the page. For domain names there’s really no package available – it’s straight forward unless you include hosting and other services.

    GoDaddy system is indeed quite intelligent although the page is usually quite cluttered – try to search for the domain you intend to buy and the prices will be displayed. As example a .com domain costs $8.95 and a .info domain costs $0.99. The total will be added with $0.25 ICANN fee. During checkout don’t forget to add a discount code BLAUGH to get 10% discount, if it is still active.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Ady, I have another question. What is this ‘Domain Name Aftermarket’? It’s only $4.99 a year. And if I signed up for that and also a .com domain name(1 year), the total is only $7.23. How come it’s so cheap? I haven’t bought it yet, so I’m asking you first to make sure. Thanks!

  4. @Josette: I see what you are trying to do.

    • Domain Name Aftermarket: $4.99
    • .com Domain: $1.99 (under the promotion)
    • ICANN fee: $0.25

    Total would be $7.23. Correct?

    Well I am not sure whether Domain Name Aftermarket is considered as a non-domain purchase or not. If it is NOT a non-domain purchase, then the $1.99 promo can’t be applied.

    The Domain Name Aftermarket is a place for domain auctions, a great place if you want to buy great domain names which are already taken, or of course if you have some great domain names to sell off! It’s an auction so a great .com domain can give you (or cost you) tenth of thousands of dollars!

    I hope my explanation is clear 😉 I am worried since I was quoted “too technical” by many.

    I made a mistake earlier on the NOT part. It’s so confusing using negation 😉

  5. @Josette: I just realize another thing. If you register your domain that way, when the renewal time comes you’ll be billed with:

    • Domain Aftermarket: $4.99
    • Domain Renewal: $8.95
    • ICANN fee: $0.25

    Total is $14.19 (although I think you can cancel the Domain Name Aftermarket), and the prices above are subject to any other promo or price changes they might have in the future.

    I still think it’s worth it to go normally:

    • .com Domain: $8.95
    • ICANN fee: $0.25
    • 10% discount using BLAUGH

    Total is $8.28 (extra $1.05 minus the headache) 😀

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