More Than 48 Hours Offline

It has been a while since I spent time at home without going online. As a matter of fact I don’t remember at all when such an event has occurred before.

48 hours is strictly speaking, because 50 hours ago I did check my Gmail for 5 minutes. The truth is that I have not gotten online since Sunday. So this is it, the only thing that can prevent me from getting online is the little guy who revealed himself to the world on the Eve of Aidiladha 🙂

And I am online right now just to check out some forms and making sure that all that is needed has been paid. I am going to stay and work from home most probably until February. However I’m gonna stop by the office for a while tomorrow to send in some documents.

Oh yes BTW I’ve got to mention that I had the best experience at JPN (National Registration Department) Putrajaya on the 10th. It took me less than 30 minutes to settle the registration. That is really really cool and deserves a good mention.

It’s a totally different world for me now… exciting and scary at the same time. Wish me luck!!!

Thanks a lot for all the text, instant message, and email messages. I’m sorry if I missed to reply some.

I am not sure when I will be able to get online next and update this site but I will try to find time.

Busy August

Looks like August is another busy month for me. Earlier this month I went to Terengganu for my niece’s wedding. It took a lot of work to be the organizing party. One niece married, 2 nieces, 3 nephews, and a son to go.

I took a 3-day’s leave (thanks boss!) during the first week and spent 5 days there. It was tiring especially because I had to go to work on Monday. But it was worth the hard work and money spent. Here’s a photo from the event:

For those who are not familiar with Malay customs, this is the table where the bride and groom have their special lunch. The menu is a little different from everyone else. Accompanying the bride and groom is the groom’s family since this is the bride side of the wedding. At the groom’s side it depends on the custom of the state and family. According to our Johore custom (where we originally comes from) the groom’s party is as big as the bride’s party. But since the groom is from Terengganu it’s different.

Back to real life in Selangor I have many things to settle. The house purchase matters and EPF has just been settled on Friday. And my external client is facing some problems with their mail infrastructure. I’ve just finished a script for them to maintain Postfix aliases since they have a lot of groups. I utilized SQLite and perl to achieve something like a menu system for maintaining users and alias groups. I am also very busy at my day job, since there are a lot of release issues to attend to.

This weekend I have to go shop for baby stuff again especially I heard IKEA is having a sale. What else… oh yes I just came back from watching Wall-E. It’s cute and nice but far too simple for me but I don’t expect more. It’s fun.

If I have time tomorrow I will also do a summer cleanup before the fasting month arrives. The baby’s coming out soon and we really have to do something about the junk that is cluttering our home, and think about moving plans. That is why I was thinking of an attic earlier :-D.

That’s all as an update for now I have to wake up early tomorrow!

Changes In Life

Believe it or not I can now feel the aging process creeping into my life. Body functions aside, I am seeing things from the psychology point of view. These days it is incomplete if I don’t watch or read the news. I wake up early even on the weekends. I cry when I read life stories in Reader’s Digest – especially the ones that involve fatherly love.

Having no experience of having a real father, I have always been scared of the commitment of being a father. Last week 2 tester sticks yelled at me saying that I should now be prepared to be one. I know this day will come, and I am glad it did.

I am beginning to feel changes in my life. It’s kinda an automatic thing.

  • I used to like to speed when driving especially when I am alone. Now I drive at speed limit, thinking that I don’t want my kid to be an orphan.
  • Spiritually, I used to be lazy when it comes to executing my religious obligations. Not anymore.
  • I think of quitting smoking a lot more frequently than before.
  • I am going to execute a well planned exercise plan to get healthy and reduce my unhealthy weight.
  • I feel less intrigued on the ideas of spending my money on my expensive toys.

One thing that amazes me the most is that when I went out for dinner at Alamanda earlier, I feel that kids I saw were cuter and more adorable than ever before. This is very amazing because I used to dislike kids and think that they are annoying.

I am worried, but I am very happy. I may not be jumping with joy like most first time fathers do (I was raised in an inexpressive family) but I am very happy.

God, please give me strength to go through life. I really want to be a good father.

Fender Bender in Subang

I was involved in a fender bender in Subang yesterday, caused by a motorcycle. He was crossing a road divider (to save distance WTF) and slowly cruising in front of me so I had to slow down.

A car behind me (a Proton Wira) saw this and in turn he slowed down himself. But, an old lady behind him driving a 5th Gen Honda Civic didn’t slow down and hit the back of the Wira. It was a nasty blow and it ripped off the Wira’s rear bumper. The Wira grazed my Perodua Kelisa‘s rear end, caused some paint transfer and some dent. His left side near the tire, however, was dented quite badly and even effected his front passenger door. (So was it the super effect of Proton cars absorbing the impact, or whether it’s the bad material I don’t know).

Since I was in a hurry, I went to discuss with them and asked them what they were going to do. I don’t care, as my damage is tiny. We suggested the old lady check her own insurance, and how much her NCD was. If it’s a lot and not worth claiming maybe she could use her own money and save years of NCD.

In summary however – it was a nice accident. Everyone was very cool about it, and there were no finger-pointing or blaming each other. Well, we blame the idiot on the bike who escaped unhurt and nowhere to be seen after the bang occurred. It was a healthy accident. Everyone knew that the accident already happened and there is no need to make the situation worst.

After 10 minutes I was driving to Pelita Nasi Kandar in Subang to have lunch, as we all decided not to make a report and no insurance was involved. Those two unlucky drivers went to the workshop nearby to get an estimate.