Queue Jumpers Beware

If I were to make a separate website dedicated to share pictures of queue jumpers, would anyone be interested in joining in? It can be worldwide as queue jumper is not a rare breed.

Queue jumpers deserve to be shot, and if I have the power like Sylar I would have thrown the truck upside down or to the road side while making sure the driver (and passengers) escape unhurt. That should be a good lesson. They are the most inconsiderate people on the road.

Here’s one driving the green truck:


Too bad my K750 camera was too slow to capture this image and I can’t see the registration numbers. Maybe next time I will always have my DLSR and a fast lense by my side. The other day there were two queue jumpers at the same location so I had the idea to get ready with my camera phone but it looks like I need a new plan.


2 thoughts on “Queue Jumpers Beware”

  1. Haiiyaaa bro. Kalu ko nak tengok queue jumper super extravaganza, meh kite bertenggek kat atas jejambat dekat dgn tesco Selayang. Lagi mcm cilake. Lane kecemasan tu – FULL. Mmg gampang

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