Pidgin 2.1.1 Released

The official Pidgin 2.1.1 has been released, and the official Pidgin Portable 2.1.0 Released.

So since John T. Haller of PortableApps has packaged this, I will stop packaging Pidgin Portable for the public. This is the end of My Version of Pidgin Portable. Hope all who have used it found it useful. I guess the guy who have always accused me of embedding keyloggers will be extremely happy now. LOL.


5 thoughts on “Pidgin 2.1.1 Released”

  1. somebody accuses you of putting keylogger in Portable Pidgin? omg, makes me wonder how many other (proprietary) application out there that implements such thing.. wtf

    I come to say this because my network utilisation usage blows up (to 50-70%) whenever we use Windows XP/Vista, but such thing doesnt happen when we use Linux (utilisation is only between 5-20%, even with bittorrent)

  2. Should be none. Should be but we never know. Keyloggers are not legal but I think you meant sending personal information and usage statistics and such. 🙂

  3. I mean we may never know even if they record keystrokes or any other activities than personal information (into which depth?) and statistics. The usually EULA doesnt specify which part of the statistic and personal information being send.

    there are thousand of applications out there, and even that some applications send information intermittently, making hard to detect such activities

    it is surprising when some people doesn’t care about that and focussing it on smaller matter.

  4. Ah OK I see. That is true and I agree with you. It is very rare that we see any extreme testing being done by any special group to see whether applications are sending data that we don’t want to be sent to the application developer.

    But then again, going back to the keyloggers – I strongly oppose that and think it is wrong. Just imagine the amount of personal data (not to mention confidential data) that can fall into the wrong hands!

  5. Thanks for your great contribution. I cant speak for others but for the record, your version of Pidgin was the one that got me to finally switch from trillian.
    Best of luck,
    Im sure you will move on to better things.
    Thank u

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