OSCC: The Silent Mirror

All hyped out about sharing Linux knowledge with friends especially dirn, I wanted to download Ubuntu for my own use mainly because I am a strict Debian user. Browsing the mirror list in Ubuntu official site I am disappointed by the speed of most of the mirrors I selected, and the fastest I can get is the ETA of 4 hours.

Then a bell rang in my head and I went to look for OSCC. This mirror is the closest mirror I can get using my ADSL. The problem with this mirror is that it sometimes have old files especially for the Debian and CentOS repositories. So it always become my last choice to look for files. I don’t blame them as the rsync process must’ve been really slow to download files from the 1st level mirrors.

The speed is very satisfactory because the mirror is located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia as you can see below:

I have been seeking this mirror every time I feel disappointed with speed of overseas mirror as it mirrors some other projects too.

Historically in 2002 I almost became an employer of OSCC after scoring good marks in a Linux test done at DRB-Hicom, and went to an interview at OSCC. I failed to get the position because when asked “How do you change init scripts and levels in Red Hat?”, I answered “I use ln to make symbolic links from /etc/init.d to /etc/rc.{0-6}”. They said, “No, you should use chkconfig“. My answer was not incorrect being a self-taught Linux user but by-the-book users will feel otherwise. I was annoyed but I don’t hold any grudge against them. I do, however feel lucky I didn’t get the job.


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  1. My bittorrent speed sucks. You know of any good workaround other than encryption?

    Anyway, I downloaded the ISO from OSCC within an hour. I’m already OK with that 😉

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