Moment of Silence

It has been quite a while I have the chance to update this blog. February is the busiest month ever for myself, and I still have a week to go until it all ends.

I have not been sleeping well since I am on 24×7 standby and holding a pager. Indeed, life is hard. I even dozed off at my desk with my home PC, my home laptop, and my work laptop. Luckily the VPN connection is working quite okay otherwise I would have to drive to the office every time I get paged.

It’s not that I am complaining or anything, just to let you know what happened to this blog. Actually you can see the pattern – from 40 posts in December 2006, the number decreased to 26 in January 2007. And this month I am not even sure I can pass the 10 post milestone.

I think after February I am going to claim all the time-off I can get due to out of office hour work, and finish up many pending tasks.

Until next time, see you guys around.