Maxis to bring iPhone 3G to Malaysia on March 20

Really? That short notice? I was casually browsing my Google Reader when I stumbled upon this exciting news. Exciting? Not anymore. I don’t know why but the frustration of waiting has made me less interested in iPhones. The time stamp on the news was like 4 hours before I started this entry. Fresh!


Going to into Maxis site there is now a big banner “Be among the first to own an iPhone 3G“. No, Maxis did not do anything wrong and it’s still a great news except that right now there may be hundreds of people in Malaysia using cracked iPhones. Among the first? I don’t think so. It should say “Be among the first to own an official and uncracked iPhone 3G“. Yes that’s me trying to be funny. Ha ha.

If you’re interested you may go here at Maxis’ spanking new iPhone section. Enjoy it. I don’t think I will be getting one anytime soon.


10 thoughts on “Maxis to bring iPhone 3G to Malaysia on March 20”

  1. yeah, grill, light, fan, all must come first.

    my telco sucks? ohh really? i’ve been using current provider since 99, so far i’ve no issue with them.
    well obviously im not jumping into ananda’s bandwagon because of this reason alone.

    heard the iphone is kindda exclusive to one provider per country, so chances that my current telco is between slim to none.

    aku mati2 ingat digi yang dapat iphone rights sebab celcom n maxis sibuk promo blackberry.
    ehh wait, do they have 3g license in the first place? lol.

    1. Hehe… okay okay you love your Telco so much. I love DiGi – simple and sweet. I’ve had issues with TM and the hatred propagates to Celcom. Oh wait! I am using Streamyx. LOL.

      Yeah, that’s what I heard too – they are exclusive. I thought Celcom was going to bring iPhone in as I thought Maxis has exclusive bond with Blackberry.

      Tak baik kutuk DiGi. Hehe. Mari kutuk U-Mobile.

  2. U-mobile? lol.. tak boleh lupa watching their big guy (CEO i think) giving keynote in their website few month ago.
    during launching kalau tak salah. baaad impression.

    1. Well, you’ll receive a special slip next week. Let’s hope the number of trailing zeros are more than enough, so that you can get one 😉

  3. I’ve been using iPhone (+- 2 years now) for both version (2G & 3G). It was MARVELLOUS. There’s is no other mobile can beat them for sure. Before I’m starting to use Iphone, I use to change my mobile phone for every 3 to 5 month (Samsung only) cause I hate Nokia (too childish and usually bulky).
    About the provider, I don’t give a damn about it, cause I’m using a jailbreak/unlock iPhone model (made myself) so I can choose whatever I want, just name it CELCOM, DIGI, MAXIS ……
    Celcom is my 1st choice – using it since 1997
    Digi – tried for 3 month and it was totaly BULLSHIT (poor coverage and reception)
    Maxis – same as Digi

    Go get iPhone today and unlock it, it’s free and simple

    1. Well, to be honest the price is quite too high for a mobile phone (for me at least) as I have more important commitments. Jailbreak or not, the prices are almost the same.

      I’ve heard that Celcom is the best 3G provider so far, there’s no doubt about it even though I would rather die than supporting TM. Maxis 3G coverage is still not satisfactory (I am using it once in a while on a K600).

      I doubt that the price for iPhones will drop anytime soon unless a newer model are introduced but then again who wants an outdated iPhone?

      I guess I would only get one if a bag full of RM100 notes falls down from the sky. LOL.

      Thanks for your comments.

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