MasterCard/Visa Promotion Fraud Attempt #2

Back in January I wrote about an attempt to squeeze my credit card numbers by a caller using a private number.

On July 4th, I received a call from 016 336 8916 but since I have my phone on private mode they were not able to reach me. However a couple of minutes later they sent me a text message: “Hello mr/mrs Ady Romantika. I’m Ros from Visa/master card voucher department. Because of your loyalty to us, you are entitled for complimentary vouchers. Please come to our office with your spouse to collect your vouchers. Unit 515, Level 5, Block E, Phileo Damansara 1, No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya Selangor. Please come anytime from Monday to Sunday between 3pm to 8pm. Please also allow us at least 45mins of your time. Thank you and see you soon.”

It was a long text message indeed. I sent them a reply that they are scammers, and they were bold enough to reply me. Their message now have been sent to the Royal Malaysian Police and the media via email. I am unsure whether any action will be taken to investigate it but I shall wait and see.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is no logical chance that Mastercard and Visa are running a promotion together. I am pretty sure if I show up they will ask me for my credit cards and take the chance to copy the numbers, expiries, and CVV/CV2 numbers. Then they are free to use my credit cards online.

For the less cautious this might be a trap they might easily fall into. Beware!


6 thoughts on “MasterCard/Visa Promotion Fraud Attempt #2”

  1. I recently received the same calls from them too.
    This time, they told me they are representing Bonuslink. I felt suspicious because in normal situation, winners would be notified by the company directly, and not by other third party.
    Also, they would have post the vouchers to you. This must be a scam! Anyway, I’ve not been using my Bonuslink for a very long time because I lost the card. So how can I win it due to my loyalty?
    What fraud! I hope the authorities would so something about it.

  2. I got this kind of call/sms as well. Normally I just told them I’m a housewife with no credit card. There’s one time the guy said this to me I tot you just applied credit card last month. So be careful when applying credit card as well.

  3. Yes… basically any kind of form that requires you to put in your cellphone number. And if the form is a survey form I always put a fake home address and phone number. Only email is real because it’s easy to delete and I want to amuse myself 😉

  4. Type your comment here.
    Anything that sounds too good to be true usually (always) is too good to be true. The last two Fridays (why is Friday always the day for spams?), I have received emails telling me my Visa/Mastercard has won me £500,000.

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