Just a short review on EV1SERVERS:

Customer Support

Last Thursday I had to contact EV1 customer support to change passwords for the member section. They are very helpful, and fast. The online chat system also works great. Everything was done within 30 minutes.

Server Order

We planned to upgrade one of our Celeron server, which was obtained in 1999. And then we decided to remove it, and order a dual Xeon 3.2 instead. The thing that really amaze me is that when ordering the new server, we took these steps:

  1. Add new server
  2. Select specs
  3. Specifiy root password
  4. Confirmation page
  5. DONE!

About five minutes after that, we received an IP number. The server was online!!! Cool. Everything took us about 10 minutes, and we had a new server – ready for operations.

Some other FREE services that I really like

  • Access to serial console using SSH client
  • Reboot via web system

Keep up the good work, EV1!

BTW, we ordered a dual Xeon 3.2GHz server, with 2GB RAM, and 2 x 73GB SCSI disks – running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. Monthly bandwidth limit is 2500GB. I asked for Debian, but they don’t install Debian on their servers… The cost is USD399.00 per month.

I know EV1 was supporting the SCO againts Linux efforts… but what the heck… 😉