Nowadays, there’s a lot of programmes in TV showing how poor citizens suffer. I wonder what the government have been doing with the BaitulMal money?

Here’s the total collection for September, taken from the Pusat Pungutan Zakat Wilayah Persekutuan website: 


Hmmm… 8 million. Maybe PPZ officers need to go out, and not just rely on applications from poor citizens. Sometimes the old ladies taking care of 7 grandchildrens are not educated at all to know that such funds exist.


One thought on “Zakat!”

  1. Last week on TV I saw that the PPZ and some other government agencies gave out money for people with low income – to get married! This is in fact a wise decision, instead of letting them live in sin just let them get married. Each person gets RM3,000. Next year they say they’re going to increase it to RM5,000. Funny: Some people called the TV and asked whether they are eligible for second wife!!! LOL!!! The Ustaz replied that if they want to get a second wife, means that they can already afford getting married… reject! 😉 Good work, PPZ. At least we know our zakat money are being put to good use.

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