Still Alive

In contrary to popular belief, this site is still alive. It’s just hard for me to find time to update it. My new job in operations is really taking much of my time. Starting from this week, for 3 weeks I will be working in EU (European) time which is 0700 – 1600 GMT (that’s 1500 – 0000 local time).

It’s challenging, it’s different, and to be frank I don’t really like it that much. My mind plunges into its “HOME” mode, where I watch TV, manage my bittorrent downloads, and surf the Internet. I feel tired.

Oh well it’s only for these 3 weeks. In December, however I will be starting to work in rotation for Asia Pac, American, and European time – for at least 2 months! Let’s see what happens. Maybe during the American time which is 2300 – 0700 local time I would have more time to blog. Who knows. They say that during that period there’s not so many problems to be handled. Let’s hope so.

I guess that’s all I can talk about this time. Next time… I am also unsure what to write about. I don’t feel like touching any political issues, or anything much that is known by public. And I know that most of my visitors hate to see technical things in here. Oh well, for my regular visitors, do help me with suggestions, will you?