Starbucks Sizing System

I was watching HBO when one of the short sections in between the movies were aired. It was about the new movie “Role Models”. I have always wondered why Starbucks have the sizing system “Tall” (small), “Grande” (medium), and “Venti” (large). It’s plain weird.

Interestingly Danny Donahue (played by Paul Rudd) mentioned this directly in the movie:

LMFAO. “Congratulations, you’re stupid in 3 languages.”


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  1. Thank you Fadzli.

    Not really… I am actually impressed with the eye pleasing Ubuntu looks. I am just not really fond of the OS as I feel it’s becoming dangerously close to Windows.

    I rather have the impression of “Ubuntuish” rather than “Centoish” or “Slackwarish” or even worst “Windowsish”. 😉

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