Google Referrals 2.0

Have you checked in to your AdSense account lately? Try and see the Referral setup page and see whether you have been upgraded to Referrals 2.0. I was surprised by this notification when I logged on to the AdSense account of one of my clients. This is what I saw:

Google Referrals 2.0

Some of us are lucky enough to be given the chance to test this out, like Auntie Lillian a.k.a. 5xmom. I am not as lucky, though. Maybe because my AdSense performance is not so well. 🙁

With Referrals 2.0 you can select targeted ads to display on your site, and not the boring old banners to refer to Google products and services. This opens a lot more doors and endless possibilities for you to customize the ads that will be displayed. They look just like normal AdSense ads, with the only difference is the tag Referrral Ads by Google.


2 thoughts on “Google Referrals 2.0”

  1. I tested it for only one day and my Adsense income dropped tremendously! LOL, so I stop using the referal because no action means no money. With the normal ads, clicks will bring money already. So proceed with caution and test only one small block first, ok?

  2. Ah… really? Thanks for the warning. Lucky I didn’t go ahead and implement it for the client otherwise I would have my ass kicked already 😉

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