Get More From Your Nikon D50


This magazine, or we can also call it a booklet, is produced by Digital Photography Magazine UK. I previously bought this magazine on a monthly basis, until its local publication came into the market. This booklet costs RM59.00 (~USD16.00) and at a glance you might think that it’s another way for the magazine to make money. Well, they succeeded.

The booklet contains page by page information on all the functions available on the Nikon D50. Sure, you have the manual but it only tell you how to do things, without explaining what they are for, and no suggestions given.

As a proud owner of a D50 I would recommend this publication to any D50 owner wanting to know deeper about their camera. Finally I can say “oh, that’s what that button is for”. 😉

This reminds me that I have yet to download the goodies for Digital Camera Magazine Malaysia for November and December.

Just one thing that caused me to be disappointed – the condition of the book. As Borders The Curve allows people to browse through magazines and this is the only copy left, its condition is awful! I even asked the information counter to see if there’s any copy left in storage. I wish people would appreciate books more!