First Blogger Beta Import

Following the post Import Blogger Beta to WordPress, here is a working example after an import.

Before: (Blogger)
After: (WordPress)


(Images are imported using the plugin mentioned earlier)

P/S – to my current one and only web development client, I am doing this as a hobby during breaks. Please be assured that the real work is progressing well and hopefully by Christmas we can launch it 🙂

Import Blogger Beta to WordPress

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As I have not heard anything about the solution to this problem, I wrote a script. This script is a simple but powerful 😉 script which extracts the posts and comments from RSS feeds at


Copy the script to your main WordPress directory and run it ( The options are self-explanatory. This means you can customize the category and user before importing.


This script represents a security hazard if left on the server. Once you are finished, delete it. Don’t even rename or save a copy on the server. The script does not honor WordPress authentication and checks, but utilizes some of WordPress’ functions.


  • No handling of images (stay on blogger server)
  • Comments will have the names but not email or URL – limitation with RSS from Blogger
  • Unlikely to work if you use other comment systems
  • You need to enable RSS feed for comments – very important!

As for images, they will stay in but I suggest you download them at once to your server as Blogger does not allow hot-linking (images will be blocked). You don’t have to do it one by one, you can use this plugin by Notions: Blogger Image Import. I’ve tried it and it worked well. One thing is that it depends on CURL to download images – servers without this extension will not execute the script. Let me know as I have a workaround for this, provided that your PHP version is later than 4.3.0.

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WordPress Posting Problem

I’ve seen some WordPress users complaining that after they post something, sometimes their browser gave them a blank page, or an error. Many blamed it on the plugins. I had the same problem, and deactivating or removing plugins didn’t help.

I found out the real problem: Update services (Options – Writing – Update Services)

Try to root out the problematic site; they are indeed just normal websites so some of them might be outdated or dead. Your pages timed out, that’s why.

I just removed the entire list, and maybe look for a reliable list later. Now, I am posting without any problems. See me smiling? 🙂

WordPress 2.0.1 Released

Matt announced:

It’s been exactly one month since we released the well-received WordPress 2.0 release. In the past 4 weeks we’ve been listening closely to feedback, squashing bugs wherever we find them, and watching how 2.0 handled under different loads. We’ve rolled up all the most important fixes into a 2.0.1 release, which is now available for download. All[…]

Read All about it here: