TMNET Rebate

Usually, people will not appreciate the good things being done. They will only rant and shout when things go bad.

I don’t like that so I want to post an update of the TMNET case.

I finally received a rebate, and my latest bill dated 05 Feb 2005 shows only RM33.50. That’s a total rebate of RM54.50.

I don’t really care how they calculated the rebate, nor I am totally satisfied by this. But at least, I pay less money to TMNET. The time and money I lost while my Internet connection was down during December 2005 was irreplacable.

I would like to express my gratitudes to Ms Maya from TM Point Taipan for her willingness and efforts to help me get a rebate. At least, one true customer oriented staff in TM who is willing to go the extra mile for a dissatisfied customer. Who’s next?

Added 1 Mar 2006:

Also, CFM (Consumer’s Forum of Malaysia) took this case seriously. They contacted TMNET and myself multiple of times to settle the issue. Kudos to CFM, and many thanks!

TM Bill

Cool screenshot from the telephone bill I received today. As I came back at almost 10.00pm the customer support is closed. Will try to call them tomorrow. Since forever I thought that Streamyx ADSL bill will not effect phone bill. Note the date, I registered my phone line and Streamyx in May, but it says here starting 05 Mar 2005? I really don’t want to say much as it will sound ugly…


(please click the picture for actual image)

EDIT 30 September 2005:

Called TM phone support and it appears that their billing system screwed up after the merging of phone and dialup bills. They also mentioned that this happened to many customers. Still, I wonder how many people almost died from heart attack receiving this bill.