One Bun To Rule Them All

I went out to Subang Parade on Sunday and passed by a Rotiboy outlet. This board was placed up front:


It was interesting, funny, and scary at the same time.

It’s funny and interesting to know that whoever designed the board is a LOTR fan because that is not even a tag line (I can’t find it on the website).

It’s scary to think that there is some kind of mind control substance in the buns, and them all refers to consumers! Who knows one day with a simple radio switch, the franchisers will turn us to zombies.

Of course, I am kidding. People are particularly testy these days I don’t want a lawsuit against me!

Filters! Yahoo! I Want Better Filters!

I have been a long time Yahoo! Mail user (since 2001), and a paying customer of Yahoo! Mail Plus for 5 years+ (since 2003). There were no Gmail back then, and I needed a permanent email with POP3 access. Yahoo! slowly improved their services, although one thing that I have always been annoyed about is the unavoidable error that will be displayed if I try to access the web interface while my email client is pulling email via POP3. Every time!


In June 2004, I received an email informing some improvements. I didn’t really noticed them, really.


But then again, this is what I am really disappointed about. The “temporary” message has been there since the release of the new GUI.


And here is the antique filter form. Furthermore, Plus users can only create 50 filters. What’s that about?


Come on, Yahoo! please improve Mail. While you’re at it, IMAP service wouldn’t hurt too.